Italian Seeds Pronto understand the importance of regional Italian cooking Italian Seeds Pronto are the New Zealand distributors of Franchi vegetable seed and Franchi herb seed Franchi vegetable and herb seed for discerning kitchen gardeners Franchi Sementi for Italian regional varieties Franchi Sementi offers a range of heirloom varieties selected for superior taste!Cavolo Nero Laciniato, Cime di rapa, Basil Napoletano, Radicchio rossa di treviso, Wild rocket, Celeriac, Artichoke Violetta Lunga, Cardoon, Fennel Montebianco

 March 2017 Franchi Seeds are now available at the great new Farro Fresh store at Orakei Bay- Auckland look out for the stand in the produce dept

2017 January-June Catalogue pdf available for download- go to main page and click on tab

New  delivery from  Franchi November 2016 that includes out of stocks and a few new seed varieties- white endive,rampion, large leaf lambs lettuce, golden onion from Milano and spinach matador


2016/17 catalogue available for download. Click on the pdf on intro page