Italian Seeds Pronto understand the importance of regional Italian cooking Italian Seeds Pronto are the New Zealand distributors of Franchi vegetable seed and Franchi herb seed Franchi vegetable and herb seed for discerning kitchen gardeners Franchi Sementi for Italian regional varieties Franchi Sementi offers a range of heirloom varieties selected for superior taste!Cavolo Nero Laciniato, Cime di rapa, Basil Napoletano, Radicchio rossa di treviso, Wild rocket, Celeriac, Artichoke Violetta Lunga, Cardoon, Fennel Montebianco

Italian tomatoes are globally known for flavour.Many of the Franchi varieties have been grown by the same family in their home region for generations from original seed.Each Italian tomato has its own reason for being- making passata (puree) baking,roasting,drying,sauces and for slicing.

Will they grow here in New Zealand?

Terroir is a very simple but powerful concept,whereby the climate,soil and plant interact to produce an expression of that interaction. Great examples of terroir expression can be found in cheese,coffee and wine.The Franchi tomato seed on offer are defined by variety and regional origins so select a variety best suited to your useage and province in New Zealand.

There are two types of tomato. Indeterminate (cordon) and determinate(bush)Indeterminate will need to have their 45˚side shoots removed and the top shoot too,while bush (determinate) variety doesn't.There are more cordon varieties than bush and the bush do tend to be smaller varieties,although in gardening there always is an exception.

   Whilst many varieties are available to us we try and choose for suitabilty to the varying terroir of New Zealand. Franchi Sementi are genuine Italian heirloom All packets have 100's of seeds. All are untreated and GE free. All have great depth of flavour and texture. 

The Beeline and Seedyworks are  also ancient  French and Italian seeds hand -sorted and packed from a reliable local producer. 

 Franchi Italian Tomatoes grown in Aotearoa

Franchi Italian Tomatoes grown in Aotearoa

Tomato  ( Pomodoro) Beeline Tuscan Red

Tomato ( Pomodoro) Beeline Tuscan Red

Beeline Tuscan Red Tomato is a large beefsteak variety from regional Florence within Tuscany. Vigorous and productive with really sweet tasting thick semi-flat scalloped fruit that grows consistently well throughout all NZ provinces. 40 seeds  LIMIT 1 PKT PER ORDER      
Tomato (pomodoro) Beeline Tuscan Red
NZD $4.00

Tomato  (Pomodoro) Costoluto Fiorentino DBO106/18

Tomato (Pomodoro) Costoluto Fiorentino DBO106/18

  A large deeply- ribbed beefsteak variety from Florence, Tuscany.  A vigorous tomato plant that is a good producer. Awesome flavour ( rich and meaty with lots of juice )  A favourite of many Italians living here in New Zealand.  This tomato will grow well throughout any province in the country. Around 150-180 g. Sydney chef, Steve Manfredi suggests Slicing off the top, adding some olive oil and bake, the flesh will develop into a delicious sauce.  Also good for fresh eating . #genuine Italian heirloom 2g approx 300 seeds. Indeterminate.  One Pkt per order 
Pomodoro Costoluto Fiorentino DBO106/18
NZD $8.30

Tomato  (Pomodoro) Cuor di Bue of Liguria DBO106/24

Tomato (Pomodoro) Cuor di Bue of Liguria DBO106/24

“Heart of the cow”  (oxheart) A pinky-red  heart shaped superior heirloom  tomato with few seeds and  lower acid. Incredibly sweet with  good "mouth feel "and at its best when not too ripe.A very large vigorous growing plant; productive and early.  This is the tomato all chefs love and the tomato all Italian grandfathers grew! Will grow well in most provinces of New Zealand. #genuine Italian heirloom. A few packets remain expiry date 12/17 although as with all Franchi seed  they will be viable for a frw more years.   1.5g approx 200 seeds. Indeterminate One pkt per order
Pomodoro Cuor Di Bue DBO106/24
NZD $8.30

Tomato  (Pomodoro) Principe Borghese DBO106/50

Tomato (Pomodoro) Principe Borghese DBO106/50

 Mid-late smallish egg shape heirloom vine tomato with few seeds. A prolific producer. Big sprays set in clusters of 7-10 fruits that hold on well to the vine. Good for fresh eating, drying and roasting. Principe Borghese is often called 'da appendere' (and Eternal tomatoes) or to hang.  Italians often keep them  after the season by hanging them upside down when still green in a airy,dark place for winter consumption . A New Zealand favourite that grows just about anywhere. About 60g in weight #genuine Italian heirloom . 1.5g approx 200 seeds. Indeterminate One pkt per order
Pomodoro Principe BorgheseDBO106/50
NZD $8.30

Tomato ( Pomodoro)  Red Pear Sel.Franchi DBOS 106/107

Tomato ( Pomodoro) Red Pear Sel.Franchi DBOS 106/107

  Selezione Speciale Mr. Gianpiero Franchi's favourite  Old North Italian  early variety specifically selected by Franchi Sementi. Outstanding producer of very large flavoursome pear shaped fruit with vertical ribs. Very meaty,few seeds and although juicy not a wet tomato. Its ideal for stuffing because of its robustness and shape. Usually picked green or just starting to turn pink. Will grow well in most provinces of New Zealand and we reckon this is  one of the best  tasting Italian tomatoes available . It should be noted this is not the small pear shaped tomato called red pear by some U.S seed companies   Indeterminate 1g approx 180 seeds.  One pkt per order
Pomodoro Red Pear DBOS 106/107
NZD $8.30

Costoluto Fiorentino

Costoluto Fiorentino

Seasonal guide

Seasonal guide