Italian Seeds Pronto understand the importance of regional Italian cooking Italian Seeds Pronto are the New Zealand distributors of Franchi vegetable seed and Franchi herb seed Franchi vegetable and herb seed for discerning kitchen gardeners Franchi Sementi for Italian regional varieties Franchi Sementi offers a range of heirloom varieties selected for superior taste!Cavolo Nero Laciniato, Cime di rapa, Basil Napoletano, Radicchio rossa di treviso, Wild rocket, Celeriac, Artichoke Violetta Lunga, Cardoon, Fennel Montebianco



About Italian Seeds Pronto

We are a seed business established in 2008 to import and distribute within New Zealand the authentic vegetable and herb seed of Franchi Sementi dal 1783.  Sementi (means seed in Italian)

It is quite remarkable to think, that this is a seed company formed only 14 years after Captain James Cook and astronomer Charles Green observed the transit of Mercury at Te Whanganui-a-hei (Mercury Bay), on the Coromandel Peninsula. An astute Sea Captain who ensured his crew had fresh vegetables daily to avoid the dreaded scurvy.

2021 marks  238 years since Franchi has been top of mind for savvy kitchen gardeners, and  in more recent times chefs throughout the world by offering their range of original varieties ( heirloom), some dating back to the 17th and 18th century selected for superior taste. We are also impressed Franchi (pronounced Frankie) are the only seed company to be invited to participate in the International Slow Food events in Torino.

The diet of many New Zealanders has been influenced through accessibility to global travel and the discovery of fresh flavoursome Italian produce found in the many farmers markets and regional ristorante. Freshness and simplicity will always remain the two great qualities of Italian cooking. Most food and wine travellers ‘in the know’ understand the importance of regional Italian cooking and we will endeavour to supply  regional varieties to inspire your cooking.

The range represented here is but a fraction of what is available from Franchi, with each new shipment we try to import more seed varieties. Every varietal is chosen for flavour and suitability to New Zealand's varying climate so we are not about having the largest range on offer - only the very best seeds that can be grown sucessfully for  flavour. Due the high cost of testing required by MPI  we made the decision in 2018 to reduce the range on offer. We accept its very important to have these measures in place but sadly a small seed supplier like Italian Seeds Pronto is unable to pass the cost on to you the consumer.

All the seeds are packed at Franchi in Bergamo, Northern Italy and not sent as bulk seed to New Zealand for re-packing.

The larger than normal stylish Franchi packets contain a very generous quantity of seed. In most cases more than 3 times that of many seed companies globally. This high seed quantity is normal for Europe. Most are double-sealed for freshness and the 3-year use by date ensures excellent value for money.All prices are GST inclusive.

You will notice we have added Beeline and Seedyworks seeds. These seeds are authentic Italian or French heirloom varieties that are  hand sorted and packed here in Taranaki

Seeds on this site can only be sent within New Zealand.

know the origin of your seeds,grow your own produce,eat well.


'buon appetito’



Gillian Hurley-Gordon



Italian Seeds Pronto