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Gardening by the Moon

Words reproduced with kind permission from Creative Cronies Southern Hemisphere 2024 Moon Calendar PATHWAYS TO FREEDOM AND FRIENDSHIP

The combined effects of the Sun and Moon's pull on the Earth's liquids,is seen daily in the ocean tides. The liquids in animals,plants and our own bodies are all moved in similar ways. The most important consideration for many gardening jobs is the direction and the intensity of the sap flow. For most planting we want the seed to sprout and grow upwards and then put down roots so we plant in the waxing phases of the Moon. The time after the full Moon is best for planting root crops,as the sap then flows down to strengthen the foundations of the plant to be harvested.

Another factor influencing the germination of seeds is the earth's magnetic field which is also influenced by the Sun and the Moon. When the New Moon shields the earth from the impact of the solar wind there is a lower frequency of magnetic disturbance. Just after the New Moon may be the best time for planting seeds to stimulate them with the right amount of magnetic energy. Planting close to the Full Moon,when the earth receives the full force of the Sun's energy,could be an overdose for some plants. Perigee and Apogee Moon times should be avoided whenever possible,especially if they coincide with a New or Full Moon. Perigee can encourage seeds to bolt,while Apogee Moons may not provide enough energy for germination.

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